Golden Corporation to offer scholarships to more Bruneians

Monday, March 23rd 2015

IN HELPING to build Brunei Darussalam’s human resource capacity in the field of fishery science, Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd, a Foreign Direct Investment company that has successfully established its business in the area of organic blue shrimp farming and Multi-purpose Marine Resources Processing and Business centre, is looking to send 10 local students on a scholarship to Taiwan to further their studies this year.


The latest move to boost capacity building for locals was revealed by Richard Chuang, the Managing Director of Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd, during an interview last week.


He explained, “Besides providing job opportunities to locals, we are also providing scholarships for locals to increase their knowledge on the field of aquaculture management.


“It is the first-of-its-kind scholarship for locals, and we hope that locals will take up the degree scholarship for four years to increase their knowledge overseas and then come back to work under the company.


“We are planning to offer 10 to 12 scholarships to students from Wasan Vocational School and we have already selected six students for the scholarship. The students will go to Taiwan University to undertake the four years degree course and the course will be taught in English.”

Highlighting the reason for choosing Taiwan University, he said, “Taiwan is very advanced in aquaculture and agriculture. And Golden Corporation has established close ties with the university.


Wasan Vocational School has already selected six students and we are currently waiting for another four students.”


The selected students possess high passion for aquaculture and have good academic results.


Currently, discussion is ongoing between Golden Corporation and Wasan Vocational School and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be signed within this year.


In an initiative to further transfer technology to the local community, Richard Chuang proposed that a family can take care of four ponds to grow shrimp under the supervision of Golden Corporation to gain knowledge on shrimp farming and to earn a stable income.


The shrimp harvest will be bought back by Golden Corporation. However the plan needs a huge areas of land in order to succeed, he added


Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd has become succcessful in Brunei thanks to Brunei Economic Development Board, the vital facilitator of Foreign Direct Investment, and the continuous support of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.


- James Kon