Boost to Brunei’s organic blue shrimp production

Saturday, January 31st 2015

ANNUAL production of the highly sought after organic blue shrimps of Brunei Darussalam looks set to hit 6,000 metric tonnes – six times the current target capacity of 1,000mt – with last year’s acquisition of 200 hectares of land in Penyatang, Tutong, as well as the future acquisition of an additional 200 hectares of land in Telamba in the same district.


The increase in production is expected to further boost local employment with 500 to 600 additional jobs to be made available, according to Richard Chuang, the Managing Director of Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd.


Touching more on the production of Brunei’s organic blue shrimp, which is the first farming of its kind to be accredited by Ecocert, an organic inspection and certification body from France, Chuang said, “The 200 hectares of land in Penyatang will be ready for shrimp farming this year.


“We are also expecting to acquire another 200 hectares of land in Telamba within this year, and this project is expected to be completed in three years’ time. Altogether, we will have 500 hectares of land for the future production of Brunei’s organic blue shrimp.”


With the boost in production, Chuang is confident that the company will be able to meet the demands of overseas markets, which is now difficult to meet with the current capacity.


It will also increase the volume of the company’s raw material for the Multi-Purpose Marine Resources Processing and Business Centre in Serambangun, he said, noting that this would, in turn, increase the company’s production workforce by making available 500 to 600 additional jobs for locals.


Chuang also revealed that Golden Corporation was planning to construct a new high grade fish processing plant within two years.


According to him, the new plant will be located near the Serasa fish landing complex to process high-grade fish like yellow fin tuna (sashimi grade).


Golden Corporation will also acquire more fishing vessels to increase the supply of fish.


However, he reassured the company would continue to accept fish from local fishermen and other vessel operators for processing.


For the future expansion of shrimp farming, Golden Corporation is looking to expand its fish meal factory to increase production by up to threefold.


A value-added processing plant has been proposed to be built opposite the Multi-Purpose Marine Resources Processing and Business Centre. With the new processing plant, Golden Corporation will be able to produce up to 20 tonnes of feed per day.


With the production of organic blue shrimp expected to reach 6,000mt and the increase in fish meal production, a revenue of over US$100 million is expected to be brought in, where as the cost of expansion for the production of shrimp farming and feed mill is estimated at US$55 million to US$60 million.


With Semaun Marine Resources being a strategic partner, Golden Corporation has proven to be a noteworthy example of successful Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Sultanate.


Chuang expressed his appreciation to the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) for being a facilitator of FDIs and the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources for their continued support.


Currently, Brunei’s organic blue shrimps are exported to China, US, Australia and Japan.


According to Chuang, talks are underway to export them to Korea and further increase exports to the Chinese market.