Thai students complete aquaculture, seafood processing training

Saturday, May 14th 2016

NINE students from the Tinsulanonda Fisheries College in Thailand have completed a training course at Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd.


Tinsulanonda Fisheries College is the first fishery college under the Vocational Education Commission and provides two main courses, Aquaculture and Fish Processing – at both national certificate and diploma levels.


The nine students already possess National Diplomas in the field and have been undergoing 60 days of training at different sections of the company.


Dubbed the Multi-Purpose Marine Resources Processing and Business Centre, the facility is the result of a collaboration between Semaun Marine Resources Sdn Bhd and foreign direct investor, Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd. Golden Corporation operates in the Serambangun industrial estate in Tutong where its principle business focuses on fish and shrimp.

The students were trained at a Brunei shrimp farm with regard to the cultivation, breeding and transportation (to ponds for maturation) of shrimp fry. The shrimp are carefully bred in the farm without the use of antibiotics and chemicals.


Apart from the shrimp farms and raw processing plant, the centre is also equipped with a laboratory where students learned how to conduct chemical and microbiological tests in order to ensure product quality meeting international standards.


At the end of the training course, Richard Chuang Hsi Shan, Managing Director of Golden Corporation Sdn Bhd, presented certificates of appreciation to the Thai students.


The training course was initiated by Sermsak Nilwilai, Director of Tinsulanonda Fisheries College of Thailand.